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Reg Holder started his career with vintages in France, Australia and the USA before returning to South Africa. He then spent 11 years as the winemaker at both Neil Ellis and Delheim. In 2015, while his wife was pregnant with their first child, he started experimenting with de-alcoholised wine for her. When they were expecting their second, in 2017, Reg decided that he was going to move full time into the Lautus de-alcoholised project.

Reg uses his traditional winemaking expertise to craft an outstanding red blend (inclusive of alcohol). Fermentation took place in upright fermenters, with 1 – 2 pump overs per day – he was careful to not extract too much tannin in the process as this will be much more obvious in the absence of alcohol. Post fermentation, the wine ages for 9 – 12 months in oak.

He then uses a state of the art piece of machinery that combines centrifugal force and a vacuum in order to extract the alcohol while leaving the wines’ volatile flavour and aromatic essence intact.

Unquestionably the best range de-alcoholised wine we have tried!


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Red Blend


VARIETALS: Shiraz, Pinotage, Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon

WINE OF ORIGIN: Coastal Region

WINEMAKING: Gentle winemaking practices were followed to minimise the extraction of harsh tannins. Fermentation took place in upright fermenters with one to two pump overs per day. 26 – 28°C. Aged in oak for 9 -12 months prior to racking to the second phase of production.

TASTING NOTES: Showcasing pure red and black berry fruit flavours, with a touch of oak. The elegant palate is underpinned by fine tannin and juicy yet subtle fruit. To be enjoyed in its purest and natural form, without the restrictions of alcohol.

FOOD PAIRING: Pairs with a slow cooked Coq Au Vin, a Beef Burger or Steak.

Alc: <0,5% RS: 24g/L ТA: 5.5 PH: 3.65 ALCOHOL REMOVAL: The alcohol is removed via spinning cone technology at low temperature under vacuum. The initial phase is to first remove the flavour, and set aside. The alcohol is then removed and once completed the flavour is added back to the de-alcoholised wine. Because there is significant volume loss during this process, a portion of the alcohol water is then again put through the process to extract the water, and added back. This helps to fill out the palate and balance acidity. Normal winemaking practices are followed from here in preparation for bottling.

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Red Blend



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Pairs with a slow cooked Coq Au Vin, a Beef Burger or Steak.


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