Dalla Cia, Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot Premium Selection ‘Grappa’ NV

Giorgio Dalla Cia is a remarkable man. Not only was he the pioneer behind South Africa’s most successful Bordeaux Blend, the Meerlust Rubicon, but he set up one of the first, and most successful, ‘Grappa’ distilleries in South Africa – importing a state-of-the art copper alembic still from Italy in 1994 when production of ‘Grappa’ was legalised. Today Dalla Cia is in the very able hands of Giorgio’s son, George, a third generation ‘Grappa’ distiller.

The process of making ‘Grappa’, by double-distilling the skins that are left over after making wine, yields only 30 litres of spirit from half a ton of skins. This results in a spirit that truly captures the essence of the cultivar from which it is made. This ‘Grappa’ is made from Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot – both full bodied varietals, and therefore the ‘Grappa’ aged for 6 months in oak before bottling to further add complexity.

A smokey, dark chocolate and vanilla bouquet with a slightly sweet aftertaste from the wood.

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Our History
The establishment of a third generation ‘Grappa’ distillery was the fulfilment of a lifelong dream for Giorgio Dalla Cia. His father, Vittorio, who was initially a wine merchant, had bought an old still from his cousin in the early 1920’s and quickly developed the family business into one of the biggest producers of Grappa in Italy. The production of Grappa – this unique Italian husk spirit – was such an inherent part of Giorgio’s childhood that he was determined to continue the legacy on local soil.

This only became possible after 1994 when the production of ‘Grappa’ in South Africa was legalized. Two years later Giorgio with his son George, imported a state-of-the art copper alembic still from Italy, establishing their boutique ‘Grappa’ distillery in Stellenbosch.

Our ‘Grappa’
Grappa is a husk spirit which derives it’s name from Graspa, an Italian term used to describe the fermented grape skins (husks) left over after the wine making process. Through double distillation, within 48 hours after the grapes have been pressed, only 30 litres are delicately extracted from half a ton of husks with very concentrated aromas that define the spirit’s distinct flavour and capture the essence of the cultivar.

Cabernet Sauvignon / Merlot Premium Selection ‘Grappa’
A smokey, dark chocolate and vanilla bouquet with a slightly sweet aftertaste due to 6 months wood maturation in second-fill French oak barrels used for Chardonnay.

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Best sipped after a meal, slightly chilled or at room temperature. Also very good in an espresso.