Hermanuspietersfontein, Kaalvoet Meisie 2023

You’ve probably heard of the quaint beach town of Hermanus, situated on South Africa’s famous Whale Coast. Between 1855 and 1902, it was called Hermanuspietersfontein. In 1902, the local postmaster decided to shorten the name of the town to make addressing letters to the locals easier.

150 years later, the wine farm Hermanuspietersfontein, or HPF for short, craft outstanding wines with a serious sense of place. Their grapes come from Sondagskloof, which competes with Elgin and the Ceres Plateau for South Africa’s coolest wine growing region.

‘Kaalvoet Meisie’ is the Afrikaans word for ‘Barefoot Girl’, which alludes to this wine being the lighter style of Sauvignon Blanc from HPF.

Dominant yellow fruit aromas like peach and pineapple along with undertones of pacific fruit (star fruit, dragon fruit) and fresh fynbos/buchu are complimented on the palate by a fine balance of fresh acidity and minerality.


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Sondagskloof, Walker Bay

Sauvignon Blanc



She’s the Soul of Sondagskloof.
She gets a thrill kissing the earth with the souls of her feet and loves wriggling her toes in the soils of Sondagskloof.

A lighter style of Sauvignon blanc including components from three different vinification processes. The early ripening blocks (25-35%) are subjected to a
hyper-oxidation treatment. The biggest part of the blend (50-65%) undergoes skin contact for 2 days at 10 degrees C, while the last (latest ripening or final) riper blocks (10%) are treated reductively. We use small percentages of varietals such as Nouvelle and Viognier to add the proverbial ‘sugar and spice’, while the smidgeon of Sémillon adds fullness to the blend.

The earlier vintages are more in a linear style and will start to showcase some tertiary flavours, where the younger vintages will have dominant yellow fruit aromas (peaches and pineapple), with undertones of pacific fruit (star fruit, dragon fruit and white pear) and fresh fynbos/buchu. On the palate we strive to create a fine balance between freshness and minerality, supported by good texture and length. These wines will age for 3-5 years and beyond, provided stored under optimum conditions.

ORIGIN Sondagskloof

COMPOSITION Sauvignon blanc (more than 85%), Nouvelle, Viognier and Sémillon.

RES.SUGAR 2.1g/l
pH 3.4

MATURATION IN OAK 12 months in old French oak pigeons (500l).


AROMA PROFILE Dominant yellow fruit (peaches) with undertones of pacific fruit (star fruit, drag on fruit and white pear). Also shows fresh fynbos and buchu.

PALATE PROFILE Characterised by freshness and minerality. Good texture, consistency, and length.

AGEING POTENTIAL These wines will age for 3-5 years and beyond, provided stored under optimum conditions.

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Sauvignon Blanc

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Sondagskloof, Walker Bay

Pan seared Coley (Pollock) with tarragon beurre blanc. Blanched asparagus will complete a dish like this perfectly.