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De Toren, Patronas 2020

De Toren are industry leading red wine specialists, based in Stellenbosch. Their respect for the land and quest for perfection has led to them producing some of the most exceptional South African wines to date.

They are most noteworthy for their years of experience in crafting world renowned Bordeaux Blends (four of their six wines are Bordeaux Blends), utilising all five classic Bordeaux varietals. As an integral part of the De Toren wine making landscape, and given that it is often overlooked in the South African premium wine landscape, De Toren decided to pay homage to Malbec.

‘The name commemorated De Toren’s fervent culture of sustainability, an ethos of patronage for the conservation of nature in its ancient and living states.’ It is a little known fact that De Toren, despite not labelling their bottles so, is certified organic – they farm that way because it is correct to do so, but never want their wine to be purchased merely ‘because it is organic’.

The grapes go through an incredibly stringent selection process – first, the best Malbec vines on the property are selected, following that, bunch selection at harvest and finally, post destemming, individual berry selection. Post fermentation, the wine spends 18 months in predominantly French oak. This all results in a wine that is full-bodied, yet elegant and vibrant – expect red and dark fruit, coconut and tobacco. Tannins are gentle and the finish is incredibly long.


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Discover De Toren Patronas 2020 from De Toren wines in Stellenbosch. This red wine is one of the top-rated SA wines for a reason.

The Story of an Ultra-Luxurious Malbec…

De Toren Patronus was born from a desire to craft one of the finest ultrapremium Malbec wines in the world. Harvested from decades-old vines, this Malbec is the patrimony of a continuous quest for perfection.

With years of experience in crafting some of South Africa’s finest red blends and harnessing the classic five varietals of Bordeaux to achieve this, comes another remarkable wine born from a passion for craftsmanship. This fine wine pays tribute to one of the original, noble varieties of Bordeaux, being Malbec, which remains one of De Toren’s most valued cultivars in its world-renowned red blends.

Crafting this luxuriant, single-varietal wine was thus a natural evolution towards innovative winemaking. The maiden vintage of 2020 of this 100% Malbec showcases an expression of meticulous methods and diligent viticulture, revealing a full-bodied, yet elegant and vibrant wine that transpires into a sensational experience like no other. A quintessential addition to any connoisseur’s cellar.

The wine’s name commemorates De Toren’s fervent culture of sustainability, an ethos of patronage for the conservation of nature in its ancient and living states. It is through this commitment to sustainable farming that De Toren is able to produce the finest of wines, reflecting the superior quality of organically certified grapes grown across 15 varieties of historic soils found on the estate, and paired with De Toren’s exceptional nurture and care, to form the cornerstones of our philosophy.

Unyielding to its principles of conservation, a new family member, weighing more than two tons, was placed under the guardianship of De Toren during 2022. Kimba, one of the last of the endangered rhinoceros-species, will forever remain another expression of utmost respect for forms of life that have existed for millennia. With this wine, we wish to pay honour to this magnificent species.

About the De Toren Patronas Wine

With De Toren Patronus, the original virtues of making wine by hand are enlisted, applying intense attention to detail to each phase. This approach is combined with the latest viticulture and viniculture research and technology. The perfect balance between old-world traditions and new-world innovation.

To identify vines of the highest quality, keen observation through years of experience compliments the use of infra-red aerial imaging. Observation of the vines on this level of attentiveness is the finest of determiners in identifying grapes at optimal ripeness, which could change within a spectrum of 24 hours. On the day that optimal ripeness is identified, each bunch is hand-harvested by the gentle hands of female harvesters. To ensure there is no bruising of the fruit caused, harvesters take care not to pile the bunches on top of one other. These bunches are then gently destemmed by a select team of skilled harvesters wearing surgical gloves, only selecting the finest quality berries.

As part of a quest for perfection, De Toren wine estate is known for employing women to tend the vineyards and has done so since its inception. In line with the estate’s philosophy of exceptional care and craftsmanship, our winemaking team believes that women have softer, smaller hands and a more delicate touch when working with the grape bunches.

For the De Toren Patronas wine, whole berries are fermented in three distinct vessels and techniques and then predominantly matured in new French Oak barrels for a total of 18 months. At the culmination of the winemaking process, each precious bottle is individually labelled and numbered by hand. This spectacular wine is presented in an exclusively handcrafted and sealed wooden display frame, accompanied by an iconic key to ensure the safekeeping of this collector’s item and the last modicum of labour before ultimate pleasure is unlocked. With correct cellaring, De Toren Patronus has an ageing potential of two decades plus, and it promises reward whether enjoyed upon purchase or stored for future enjoyment.

The bespoke packaging, like this exquisite wine, is crafted by hand. The rhinoceros, illustrated by a renowned international artist, Steven Noble, using an ancient engraving technique to carve out visual elements, sharing the greater story about ancient ecosystems, unique terroir and the specially selected, sustainably farmed vines this wine is crafted from. A tale of masterful alchemy of only the finest fruit through passion, patience and devotion. Ultimately, it reveals the greater story behind De Toren Patronus – a story as powerful as this remarkable Malbec.

The exquisite climate conditions endured during the 2020 season have ultimately added true depth and concentration to the De Toren Patronus maiden vintage. The winter was characterized by cold, wet conditions, with very little heat spikes during a mild spring and summer. These favourable conditions lead to balanced growth in the vines and, ultimately, to phenolic complex bunches and berries. Expressive wines with significant aromatic potential embody the 2020 harvest which formed a magnificent platform for what we wanted to achieve with this Malbec. Complimentary to the nose, flavours of plum, ripe cherries and berries primarily entice the tastebuds with gentle notes of coconut and a carefully judged, oaky frame. A sensation of tart currant leads the wine into a long, fragrant finish with fresh acidity and gentle tannins.

A fine addition to our bespoke collection, crafted from a labour of love.

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