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Angus Paul, Barbary Fictions Chenin Blanc 2022

Angus Paul has a passion for South African heritage varietals, focussing on Chenin Blanc and Pinotage, and believes in minimal intervention winemaking – a combination that clearly works well. 

This Chenin is produced from a single hilltop vineyard, which was planted in 1972, in the much esteemed Bottelary ward – it is named for the large prickly pear, also known as a Barbary Fig, growing in the vineyard. 

Grapes were whole bunch pressed and the cloudy juice was transferred to neutral oak barrels without the addition of sulphur, yeast, acid or enzymes. Fermentation took place in barrel, with about 50% going through Malolactic fermentation too. 

A rich nose of lemongrass, cut apple and citrus delights the senses. The palette is leesy, saline and granitic. Wonderful. 



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Chenin Blanc



Taste one of the finest Angus Paul Wines, Barbary Fictions Chenin Blanc 2022.


One sight: Bottelary; one grape: Chenin blanc. Hailing from a 1972 planted, ragged, hilltop vineyard in the Bottelary ward around 300
meters above sea level, on Mooiplaas farm.

This vineyard faces northwest, but luckily cool winds from Table Bay blow up through the valleys, through the fynbos that surrounds this old block and through the vines themselves. This vineyard moves slowly and requires patience in harvest time to capture at its best moment.


For this Angus Paul Wine, grapes are hand picked and cooled overnight. The following morning they are put into the press and pressed as whole bunches. No sulphur, yeast, acid, enzymes or water were added. Very cloudy juice was transferred to neutral oak barrels, with only the heaviest of solids left behind.

Fermentation took place over 4 weeks, after which about half of the barrels completed malolactic fermentation. In Autumn, wines were sulphured for the first time. Wines were bottled in December after having spent 11 months in barrel with no racking or fining.


The nose of this white wine is rich in lemongrass, cut apple and yellow citrus. It has more of a deeper, heavier rumble than the high pitch of the Chenins that come from the other side of the Bottelary hill formation (those that face Flase Bay). The palate is crunchy like biting into an apple.

Despite this, it is a round wine, with the freshness and breadth tugging each other in equal balanced directions.


Alc: 1 3 . 2 1 % T.A.: 5 . 7 g/L
R.S.: 1 . 5 g/L pH: 3 . 3 8 A


A prickly pear grows in this old vineyard, often referred to as a Barbary fig, ficus or fiction; a barbary fiction: tales formed by the mariners of the age of exploration created a mystique about the terrifying places that lay beyond the edge of maps.

These tales served to ‘make sense of’ and overcome the fear and danger of these new, shrouded places, often by contorting them into the incomprehensible.

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Chenin Blanc





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Delightful with a curry, creamy dishes and seafood.


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