Celebrating Jem Month | Waterford Estate, The Jem 2015 Tasting with Mark Le Roux

This month, we’re joining our friends at Waterford Estate in paying homage to ‘The Jem’ – a superlative red blend like no other.

Waterford Estate, The Jem 2015

The Jem 2015 – Video transcript

“Hi, I’m Mark Le Roux. I’m the winemaker at Waterford Wine Estate and I’m going to be talking you through the Waterford Estate the Jem 2015.

The Jem is named after our owner Jeremy Ord and this wine is really supposed to resemble what we grow on Waterford Estate.

Waterford Estate is situated in the Stellenbosch wine region, very famous for red wine varietals, and on Waterford due to the fact there are 4 different soil types, we have 11 different varietals suited to each soil type. This adds a lot of diversity from the soil that we see in our wines, so we can have a combination of red fruit and dark fruit as well as spice elements in our wine.

The Jem is a blend of 8 different red varietals built around the backbone of Cabernet Sauvignon, which is the most prominent varietal on the Helderberg Mountain in Stellenbosch.

After this we layer the wine with a combination of other varietals; a large part being Shiraz, as well as using the Spanish and Italian varietals, which we have on the farm, to add spice and acidity that add balance to the wine.

The 2015 vintage was a very classical vintage. It was cool during ripening, so we find very upfront fruit and very classical strong earthy element, which we are used to on the Helderberg Mountains. There’s also a lot of tightness in the tannin structure so the longevity of this wine should be very good.

Our passion and our philosophy at Waterford Estate is really to create a red wine that can represent South African red wines on the premium level, and to create a wine that can compete internationally and can really represent the South African diversity and philosophy.”