De-Alcoholised Wines: Introducing Lautus Wines

The global beverage industry has witnessed a significant shift in consumer preferences towards ‘low alcohol or non-alcoholic’ drinks.  We have seen this trend take-off and the demand be successfully met in the beer and spirit categories.  It has more recently been moving into wine, with the biggest initial wins in the sparkling category.  Consumers are […]

The Sulphur Situation

Sulphur is a naturally occurring element that has been used for centuries in winemaking and grape growing. Its presence in these fields is as essential as it is controversial.  Sulphur treatments play a pivotal role in maintaining the quality and stability of wines, however they are also a subject of concern for those sensitive to […]

Bark to Bottle: The Journey of a Wine Cork

The wine cork is either overlooked or completely overthought about in a wine drinking experience.  Many people are, validly, consumed with fear that the cork may be tainted so most do not stop for a moment to consider the wonder that is a wine cork.  These days there are many different closure alternatives to natural […]

SA Wine Legends: Giorgio and George Dalla Cia

This month we would like to shine some light on two absolute legends of the South African wine industry – the father and son duo of Giorgio and George Dalla Cia of the aptly named Dalla Cia.  While they don’t bask in the limelight like some other producers, there is no doubting that there are […]

Vineyard Treasures: A Look at South African Old Vines

Within the sprawling vineyards of the South African wine regions lie hidden treasures…  The old vines.  Most people who have attended a wine tasting or even glanced at the back of a wine bottle will know that producers will be very quick to mention if their wine is made with grapes from old vines.  These […]

Fizzing over the Basics of Cap Classique

Cap Classique, previously known as Methodé Cap Classique, is South Africa’s term for sparkling wine,  It is made using the Traditional Method.  Most people have heard of Cap Classique, but few know the details around just how tricky, and time consuming, the winemaking process is to use this prestigious title.  To see the full picture, […]

Looking at the 2023 Vintage

Harvest is always an exciting time in the winelands.  Naturally, stress levels are high, but it is incredibly rewarding to watch as the results of many months of labour come to fruition.  We took the time to check-in with some of our producers to bring you an update on the 2023 vintage.   Bobby Wallace […]

Wine Faults

The subject of faults in wine has been extensively researched and discussed in wine writing.  There are hundreds of faults that could be present in wine and since we’re here just to provide some light reading, rather than a doctoral dissertation, we’re just going to touch briefly on a few of the most common problems […]