The Signs of an Age-worthy Wine

Wine has the incredible ability to transform over time, evolving into a complex and nuanced beverage.  Age-worthy wines are those that improve in flavour, aroma, and texture as they mature in the bottle.  While not every wine is destined for long-term aging, certain characteristics can indicate whether a bottle has the potential to stand the […]

De-Alcoholised Wines: Introducing Lautus Wines

The global beverage industry has witnessed a significant shift in consumer preferences towards ‘low alcohol or non-alcoholic’ drinks.  We have seen this trend take-off and the demand be successfully met in the beer and spirit categories.  It has more recently been moving into wine, with the biggest initial wins in the sparkling category.  Consumers are […]

The Story of Pinotage: South Africa’s Very Own Black Grape

If you love wines from the Rainbow Nation, no doubt you’ve had a glass or two of South African Pinotage.  And you will know that there is no wine more polarizing out there – very few people ‘don’t mind’ Pinotage, its love or hate.  How much do you know about this incredible South African grape?  […]